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Thinkpad Tablet 10 stuff

Some misc stuff and pre-built Debian Linux kernel packages I use on my
Thinkpad Tablet 10. I minimized the kernel config from the default Debian
config in order to save space and compile time.
Your mileage may vary :)
	drop-in package with working firmware for audio and Bluetooth

	a sane Alsa state for audio output - ultimately needed!
	copy this to /var/lib/alsa/asound.state and before reboot do
	alsactl restore 0 -f asound.state
	scripts to switch audio output to speakers or headphones since
	this is not (yet) handled automatically (not needed anymore from
	mainline kernel 4.15.* onward)

	my personal /etc/rc.local tuning some stuff especially to save
	power at runtime but also to enable Bluetooth and HMDI audio

	includes disk encryption support and my TPT10 battery driver;a=summary
	and an ACPI DSDT table fix eliminating the non working ACPI
	battery (changed tables in this directory, dsdt.dsl & dsdt.hex)

        various patches to enhance TPT10 support

I take no responsibility for any damage that may result by using these files.
All files are provided as-is.

Please also look at information web pages:

and blog articles:

and also some code I wrote: