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Finally, S0i3 is there! Thinkpad Tablet 10 sleeps deeply with Linux kernel 4.15rc

This is so good news, finally! I have been waiting for this for almost two years now. What happened? This happened: root@bones:~/bin# ./pms before sleep: AC online @ 0.00W | Cap-remain 26.88Wh | Voltage 4.183V | Remain 0h 0m S0IR Residency: 0us S0I1 Residency: 0us S0I2 Residency: 0us S0I3 Residency: 0us S0 Residency: 198783424us after sleep: AC online @ 0.00W… Read more »

Thinkpad Tablet 10 – Battery status, Audio

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Good news! I finally managed to get battery readings! I finally gave up on trying to figure out what is wrong in kernel land and resorted to a userspace implementation. I think the kernel I2C ACPI operation region implementation is not really compatible with the TPT10 ACPI. After implementing my small userspace solution I now have a very vague idea… Read more »