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Chuwi Minibook 8

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By some lucky circumstances I received a Chuwi Minibook 8 from Chuwi’s mothership company Zwide. Wondering what this is? Well, it looks like this: Which one? Well, kind of all four because it has this “yoga” hinge so that you can bend the display over by 360 degrees. But the most striking thing about the Minibook 8 is its size… Read more »

Linux Music Making – Sonic Pi, LMMS, AKAI MPK USB MIDI

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I am not a musician, not at all. I love music! And for year I feel the craving for being able to make my own music, but have not found the right means for it, yet. Over 30 years ago I started a bit with the guitar and indeed had some fun with it! But it cost a lot of… Read more »

Thinkpad Tablet 10 (TPT10) – Old but Gold :-)

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So, for some reason I dug out my old Thinkpad Tablet 10 again and tried to fire it up. I have to admit I neglected it badly for the past – umpf – maybe thee years? So of course the first thing was that the battery was full flat, it did not even power up. So I let it charge… Read more »

Old Fonera FON2100 – New life

Do you steill remember these tiny Fonera boxes that came up in the early 2000 (maybe 2005 or so)? Fonera started out to create public WiFi infrastructure and you could participate in it by sharing your internet connection with ours – either for free or even earning some money. The routers they used came almost for free so they got… Read more »

CO2 Laser – CW3000 Water Chiller

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I just got myself a new toy for the workshop, a water chiller for my 40W laser cutter. Like with pretty much all these laser cutters, it needs water cooling for the CO2 laser tube. Usually they come with an aquarium pump and some silicone tubes you can just throw into a bucket of water. While this is pretty easy… Read more »

Amazon Prime Video – Dolby Digital gone!?

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We are using the Amazon Prime Video application on an Android TV device (Nvidia Shield TV 2019, to be exact). The device is attached via HDMI to an HDMI audio splitter and from there to a Yamaha 5.1 amplifier via fiber SPDIF (why I had to do it this way is a story on its own). This gives us Dolby… Read more »

Ultra portable mini soldering iron – Even open source

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I just wanted to quickly share my excitement about a device I purchased some time ago – the TS100 mini soldering iron. The TS100 is a really tiny soldering iron, and light weight. With the tip assembled it is overall about 17cm long and weighs just a little over 30gr. The manufacturer also offers a range of replaceable tips for… Read more »

Thermal Camera on Linux – FLIR ONE Pro

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Recently I got myself a new toy, which is actually a very useful toy, a thermal camera! The one I got was used from eBay, a FLIR ONE Pro “for Android” with USB type-C connector, this is how it looks like: This is a pretty neat device as it attaches directly to the USB type–C port of a mobile phone… Read more »

Power Cosumption – Intel Based Laptops

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With the Teclast F5 (same hardware: BMAX Y11) being my portable little workstation I try to maximize battery life under Linux as much as I can and while doing that try to figure out which are high consumers and how to bring these down. One of the very first things I found useful was to run powertop and going to… Read more »

Teclast F5 – Update

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Some time ago I wrote a review of my experiences with the Teclast F5 11.6″ slim laptop and Linux. I am still a fan of this low cost but super slim and light weight laptop. It offers everything I need as an ultra mobile laptop for travel – 8GB RAM, M.2 SATA SSD slot, full-HD display and even touch. It… Read more »