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Google Pixelbook ‘Eve’ – Plain Linux

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For many years now I am on a quest to find my ideal mobile computing device, aka laptop. It should be small and lightweight so that it is easy to carry, but not too small so that I can still work on it. It should have decent battery life so that I can get through a day with light use… Read more »

Chuwi Minibook 8

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By some lucky circumstances I received a Chuwi Minibook 8 from Chuwi’s mothership company Zwide. Wondering what this is? Well, it looks like this: Which one? Well, kind of all four because it has this “yoga” hinge so that you can bend the display over by 360 degrees. But the most striking thing about the Minibook 8 is its size… Read more »

Old Fonera FON2100 – New life

Do you steill remember these tiny Fonera boxes that came up in the early 2000 (maybe 2005 or so)? Fonera started out to create public WiFi infrastructure and you could participate in it by sharing your internet connection with ours – either for free or even earning some money. The routers they used came almost for free so they got… Read more »

CNC free software – resurrection of legacy mill

Back in the days when PCB making was expensive I started to look at ways to do that on my own. There were basically two: photo lithography and etching or milling. I did not like the idea of having to handle the nasty chemicals for etching so I first decided to get myself a CNC milling machine. Later on I… Read more »

Finally, S0i3 is there! Thinkpad Tablet 10 sleeps deeply with Linux kernel 4.15rc

This is so good news, finally! I have been waiting for this for almost two years now. What happened? This happened: root@bones:~/bin# ./pms before sleep: AC online @ 0.00W | Cap-remain 26.88Wh | Voltage 4.183V | Remain 0h 0m S0IR Residency: 0us S0I1 Residency: 0us S0I2 Residency: 0us S0I3 Residency: 0us S0 Residency: 198783424us after sleep: AC online @ 0.00W… Read more »

Thinkpad Tablet 10 – Battery status, Audio

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Good news! I finally managed to get battery readings! I finally gave up on trying to figure out what is wrong in kernel land and resorted to a userspace implementation. I think the kernel I2C ACPI operation region implementation is not really compatible with the TPT10 ACPI. After implementing my small userspace solution I now have a very vague idea… Read more »

Android “root” – Neues Spielzeug Ideapad A10

Vor ein paar Tagen haben ich mir ein neues (gebrauchtes) Spielzeug auf eBay geschossen, ein Lenovo Ideapad A10. Das ist eine Mischung aus Android Tablet und Netbook, also ein Android Tablet mit Tastatur, Touchpad und Touchscreen. Das A10 basiert auf einem Rockchip RK3188 und kommt von Hause aus mit Android 4.2.2. Dies Hardware ist ganz nett, die CPU mit vier… Read more »