Trans* und der §45b PStG – Ja? Nein? Doch? Vielleicht?

Seit Ende 2018 gilt ein Zusatz zum Personenstandsgesetz, der §45b. Nach diesem Paragraphen kann eine Person ihren amtlich erfassten Personenstand (das Geschlecht) durch Erklärung beim Standesamt in “männlich”, “weiblich” oder “divers” ändern lassen. In diesem Zusammenhang kann auch ein neuer Vorname gewählt werden. Voraussetzung ist die Vorlage eines ärztlichen Attests einer “Variante der Geschlechtsentwicklung”. Das Problem hierbei ist, dass der… Read more »

Warum Vorratsdatenspeicherung keine gute Idee ist

Ich finde es immer sau schwer Leuten zu erklären, warum diese Datensammelwut von Firmen und Behörden keine gute Idee ist. Das vermeintliche Gegenargument ist oft “Ich habe doch nichts zu verbergen!?“. Edward Snowden hat dazu einmal gesagt: Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t… Read more »

Power Cosumption – Intel Based Laptops

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With the Teclast F5 (same hardware: BMAX Y11) being my portable little workstation I try to maximize battery life under Linux as much as I can and while doing that try to figure out which are high consumers and how to bring these down. One of the very first things I found useful was to run powertop and going to… Read more »

USB Type-C – Heartbeat Moments

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Do you know that feeling when a device you really care about, that you put a lot of effort into and that you love suddenly starts to misbehave? That it actually feels broken? And that you have admit that this fail has probably something to do with what you did last? When something like this happens my blood pressure rises,… Read more »

Teclast F5 – Update

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Some time ago I wrote a review of my experiences with the Teclast F5 11.6″ slim laptop and Linux. I am still a fan of this low cost but super slim and light weight laptop. It offers everything I need as an ultra mobile laptop for travel – 8GB RAM, M.2 SATA SSD slot, full-HD display and even touch. It… Read more »

Singapore Airlines – Airbus A380-800

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This was my first travel with Singapore Airlines and more especially on an Airbus A380-800, from New York JFK back to Frankfurt Germany. I was pretty excited about this flight. I heard that Singapore Airlines offered outstanding service onboard and I was looking forward to experiencing the world’s largest long haul passenger plane first hand. So far I had just… Read more »

China and back – for US$500 !

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For my work for Purism I just had to book, even pretty short term, a trip from California USA to Shenzhen China. Since I needed to go in less than a week I already expected a pretty expensive ticket. But I was proven wrong, I got a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles (LAX) for US$500! With Hainan airlines, which I… Read more »

GNOME Foundation faces software patent lawsuit!

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Just today it came to my attention that the GNOME Foundation, a non-profit free software governing foundation, has been approached by what seems to be a patent troll trying to squeeze money out of the non for profit GNOME foundation over a patent, which can only be laughed at. Here is the information that the GNOME foundation gave: Looking… Read more »

AMScope MA500 Camera – Linux?

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We got ourselves an AMScope stereo microscope with their MA500 camera – the camera more or less came for free with it. The problem with the MA500 camera is that there is no Linux driver for it and AMScope has no intention to provide one. So I took the camera apart to see what’s inside. I found a Cypress USB… Read more »

CCC Camp 2019

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I will be at CCC Camp 2019 next week, starting from Monday all through to Sunday. I will have a talk there on Thursday at 5pm in tent ‘Curie’ called “A mobile phone that respects your freedom”, where I will be presenting why a free mobile phone is important to create and have and how I approached this problem at… Read more »