Debian unstable ARMHF rootfs

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I have created a current Debian unstable (post “Stretch” 9) rootfs archive for ARMHF (ARM hard float) devices, download here:

this is about 90MB. It can be put on a SD card to boot ARM HF devices and to install more stuff from there. I use this on an i.MX6 dual core board so there is an extra entry in inittab for a serial console on port ttymxc0. Apropos init … my kernel is too old (4.5.x) to support systemd so I installed “old” sysv-init instead.

Update: Here is another one with a complete Mate desktop installed:

(root password is … root 🙂


I have enabled comments… if you feel this to be useful for you or have a comment or a request I would be happy if you drop me a line 🙂

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