Telefonica/O2 Homebox2 6641 – ZyXEL 6641

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Most current DSL and WiFi routers are based on free and open source software. The Telefonica/O2 Homebox2 6641 is no difference. If nmap is correct it is based on Linux 2.4. I got one of these device for our home DSL2+, for free. The box came with a brief manual, a CD-ROM, the device, cables and power supply.

Many Open Source licenses require the proprietors to clearly state in the printed manual or at least on some info-page in the configuration frontend, that free and open source software is used in this device, under which licenses and especially which rights the user is granted under these licenses. For example under GPLv2, which the Linux kernel falls under, there must be a) a written mention that GPLv2 software is used in the device and b) a written offer to receive the exact same sourcecode that was used to build this specific firmware of the device.

The device I received from Telefonica/O2 did not contain any such notice – nothing. Not in the config web frontend, not in the brief manual, not in the full manual, not anywhere on the accompanying CD-ROM.

Oh well, seems like I need to chase them down a little 😉

Update: Via my company ID3P I finally got a download link from ZyXEL – O2 / Telefonica stills remains silent to this respect. Read more here: