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Etnaviv on i.MX6, free OpenGL GPU driver

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For a project I am currently evaluating embedded CPUs, so called system on chip (SOC), mostly ARM architecture. One major requirement of the project is to use free and open source software only, without any binary firmware blobs. Introduction You may have heard about the big issues found lately about e.g. the Intel Management Engine (ME) which is part of… Read more »

Pinebook, after first week

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Well, I was aware that the Pinebook is not meant as a day to day laptop replacement. It is rather an experiment, targeted at enthusiasts and developers. Heck, I am both 🙂 So I like it! Despite software glitches and some (minor) hardware issues. But first start with what we get. The Pinebook comes with a 11.6″ or 14″ screen,… Read more »

Pinebook arrived!

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Yippie! My brand new Pinebook 11,6″ arrived today! Very nice device. I am pretty impressed by the quality compared to the very low price of just US$89 (plus US$37 shipping plus German VAT and expenses of 36,44€ 🙁 The overall impression is pretty cool. It came with Android 6.1 pre-installed though I ordered it with Linux, i.e. a Linux flavor… Read more »

Intel S0ix, intel_idle, not supported?

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A little time ago I wrote about the S0ix and S0i3 modes for Intel SoC CPUs. I moved a small step forward. It seems indeed that the reason for the pretty high power drain in suspend, which is around 0.4W, has its roots in the system not entering S0i3. In S0i3 the power management controller (PMC) would not only stop… Read more »

Baytrail suspend, S3 vs. S0i3

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For some time now I am working on the Thinkpad Tablet 10 with Linux. By now it works pretty nicely – apart from still happening freezes 🙁 One major annoyance though is the very bad power saving during standby aka suspend. What I found this far is that Linux relies on the ACPI BIOS support for the different power saving… Read more »

Thinkpad Tablet 10 – Battery status, Audio

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Good news! I finally managed to get battery readings! I finally gave up on trying to figure out what is wrong in kernel land and resorted to a userspace implementation. I think the kernel I2C ACPI operation region implementation is not really compatible with the TPT10 ACPI. After implementing my small userspace solution I now have a very vague idea… Read more »

Thinkpad Tablet 10 (TPT10) – Some hackery

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For some reason I got attracted to the Thinkpad Tablet 10 again these days and treid new Linux kernels and hacked some stuff. Overview: Little progress on sound A hint on BCM4752 GNSS/GPS More hints…and code? Little progress on sound First of all the latest kernel 4.10.x seems to be pretty stable. The issue with the i915 panel self refresh… Read more »

Next try – Parrot Zik 3

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Old Zik 2 to new Zik 3 Parrot is a really strange company. After just a little over a year and pretty ligtht usage the left ear cup’s cushion of my Zik 2 broke. A seam just opened revealing the foam. It was obvious that the cushion parts are just glued together and not stitched. Pretty shameful. I returned the… Read more »

Freedom Hardware

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Last weekend at GUADEC I learned about Purism, a startup company located in the bay area near San Francisco, USA. Purism is making portable computers (aka laptops) that aim to be as free and open as possible, giving users back their freedom and control over the machine they are working with. If you do not know about Purism yet, you… Read more »